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02 May 2009 @ 11:03 pm
A good day - 1 of 3  
This weekend is a bank holiday, and with no parents around I plan to get an awful lot of things cleared. Make a lot of calls, read a lot, get some exercise in, tidy my desk so I can see some wood rather than paperwork, etc.

The plan today was to go the gym in the morning. It didn't happen. But I did get the lawn mown before work. My word was it long. Took me at least twice as long to do the back - went about 20 yards then had to empty the bucket. I'll do it again next weekend - just whisk over it.

I met mum down-town at 3, for shopping, evensong, then a meal. Firstly I trawled the usual bookshops, but more on that later. With mum I purchased some new trousers & jeans, as I've dropped about 6 inches from my waist since I last purchased any clothes. I don't really do clothes shopping - some of the pants I have are horrendous. It is good to now have some trendy-ish, new, nicely cut lower garments, which didn't put too much of a dent in the pocket either (Matalan - sorta Primark but with less blood on the cuffs)

The service was at the Cathedral, with multiple choirs from 7 other Cathedrals visiting. It was powerful, uplifting music, some astonishing vocal flourishes. Very much a good thing to experience, but would have been all the better in a Cathedral mightier than the diminuitive version we have in town (2nd smallest in the land).

Dinner was in a cheap pub, as everywhere else was either not serving or expensive. It did the job is all that can really be said for the food. It was a really nice day - great weather, and it was nice to spend some quality time with mum.


I found a copy of Richard III, for a pittance at 25pence, in one charity shop. That was the first of the goodies. I need to read some more Shakespeare, and some history plays in particular, and R3 & H4pt1 are surely good places to start.

There happened to be a book fair in the High Street for some reason, so I went along and found some truly unexpected gems. 3 to be precise. Maxim Gorky, all three volumes of his autobiography (My childhood, My apprenticeship, My universities). I had previously seen hte third part, but to find all 3 together, in decent nick (though I think part 3 might be 'physically abridged...'), ALONG WITH a copy of Othello (oh yes, so SO SO want to read it), all for £2? That is a win. 

But if that is a win, then what of this?


War and Peace.

Good condition, box-set, penguin editions (to match the rest of the library).


That is just plain mental.