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07 December 2009 @ 11:08 pm
A rough idea of what I want to get read over Christmas  
4-Kundera - The unbearable lightness of being
6-Njal's saga
7-The Metamorphoses & other stories
8-Virgil (Aeneid, again, but in Verse - probably Fitzgerald]
9-Ideally a couple of other modern novels as well - maybe Birdsong, deffo some more Coetzee, maybe some FUCK WHO THE HELL WROTE THE....ah yes, Salman Rushdie. That'd be good.

So, a shedload, really. Probably should do some course reading as well...:p

Oh yes, then to start next term

1-War.And.Peace. Cos it is going to have to go some to beat Karamazov.