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06 January 2010 @ 12:18 am
Dostoyevsky & Orphaned Land  
Things are gradually working out here - well, progress in the right direction, at any rate. NOT looking forward to the snow later in the week, though.

So, Dostoyevsky. Words obviously will fall far short of communicating the sheer colossal brilliance of his work, so here are some brief bullet-points:

-The level of explicit intertextuality - that is, the biblical, poetical & other learned references & quotations, is utterly astounding, and lends the work tremendous intellectual weight. It also serves as a great window on the enormity of literature I have yet to explore, joy!

-The vivacity of the language! The vibrancy of the characters! A novel this long could very easily be slow, stodgy, but so far, 4 days in 500 pages, multiple raging arguments, the full range of human emotions, a few colossal asides on religion, and the old man has only been dead 40 pages! What on EARTH lies in the other 400!

-Such utter mastery of prose...


Orphaned Land. I am getting so hyped for this new album, I really am - thus far I've heard nothing conclusively excellent, but one really can't judge a 70minuter from 15 minutes of material. Certainly nothing BAD so far, but perhaps nothing to better Mabool?


A final note - it seems I need to pay more attention to the internets, or I miss things. Nearly, NEARLY missed Opeth's show at the Royal Albert Fricking Hall!. As it is, I'm stuck up in the Gods, but hey, I'll be there, and that is invaluable. Buggered that I missed the VIP option though :-/ Never mind...Mailing lists ftw